Women's Ankle Boots

Shoes are an essential part of a woman wardrobe. It is important to have various types of shoes in their closet. And among the shoes most stunning that woman adorn to their feet is boots. Apart from keeping women feet warm a good thing is there are numerous types of ankle boots are available that can be worn with different outfits.
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Types of Ankle Boots
Initially, the ankle boots were designed to be worn under the trouser. However, at the time when runway model began to sport the ankle boots with skirts and other dresses, women use to start wearing them every wear with different outfits. The ankle boots available today are divided in different types that are based on the various activities they designed for, material from which it is made and according to their styles.

By Activity
Combat boots- a type of laced ankle boot that is typically worn by soldiers while training.
Chelsea boots- a typical boot type that is actually high as well as of tight fitting.
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By Material
Leather ankle boots are the first choice and the suede ankle boots and the second choice made by the women for their footwear’s.

By Style
Pointy ankle boots- this type of boots are available in charming and elegant styles.

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Wedge ankle boots- it is an ankle high boots that have wedge shape sole and serve both as heel and sole.
Stiletto ankle boots- it is useful for enhancing the appearance and also for increasing their height.
Platform ankle boots- such type of boots have high heel along with wide and bulky soles.
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